Catherine Shea Sanger, PhD

Deputy Director, Centre for Teaching and Learning

Lecturer, Global Affairs and Politics, Philosophy, & Economics

Yale-NUS College


Catherine (Kate) Sanger is Deputy Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning at Yale-NUS College, a liberal arts college forged through a partnership between Yale University and the National University of Singapore. Her work operates at the intersection of academic affairs, liberal arts pedagogy, residential education, and community development.

As Deputy Director of the Centre for Teaching and Learning, Dr. Sanger works with both students and faculty to facilitate transformative student learning and powerful faculty teaching. She is particularly involved in inclusive pedagogy, supporting students with special learning needs and accommodations, peer tutoring, syllabus design, strategies for generating meaningful seminar discussion, inter-cultural dialogue, and pedagogy development for faculty. She is especially interested in supporting faculty to develop teaching strategies for a diverse and dynamic educational community.

Dr. Sanger proudly served as the inaugural Assistant Dean of Cendana Residential College, one of three Residential Colleges at Yale-NUS, from 2014 to 2017. As Assistant Dean she led on both academic advising and community-development programming, supported the creation and implementation of academic policy, supervised residential staff, helped design firstyear transition programming, and helped grow an intellectually vibrant and socially supportive college community.

Dr. Sanger also serves as Lecturer in both the Global Affairs and the Politics, Philosophy, and Economics majors. Her teaching interests span international relations theory, international security and law, American politics, and the politics of technological-territorial discovery. Her research centers on conquest of uninhabited land and new geographic frontiers such as outer space and the deep seas. 

A collaborator and community-builder, across these different roles she has worked closely with the Academic Affairs division, Dean of Faculty, and Dean of Students offices to elevate inclusive pedagogy, intercultural learning, and diversity as priorities across the institution. She taught the first Intergroup Dialogue course on religion and ethnicity for Yale-NUS, and helped develop the first position dedicated to diversity and inclusion efforts at the college. She is also the college’s first designated Learning Accommodations Coordinator, charged with designing and implementing accommodations support with students with disabilities and special learning needs. Additionally, she serves on the Diversity and Inclusion committee and has spearheaded a multi-year faculty support initiative on harnessing diversity and inclusivity in the Yale-NUS Classroom. 

Dr. Sanger previously worked in several roles including as an Instructor at the University of Virginia (UVa). While pursuing her Ph.D. at UVa she taught undergraduate courses on warfare and military power, international organisations and law, cyber-politics, international environmental politics, US foreign policy, and the politics of Western Europe. At UVa she served also as a fellow at the historic Brown Residential College and enriched the intellectual life of the college by organising a visiting lecture series on environmental studies, chairing professional development workshops, and developing community-building programming for the College’s 300 undergraduate residents.  

Prior to graduate school Dr. Sanger worked in the office of Multilateral Affairs at International Crisis Group in New York and as a research assistant to Ambassador Nancy Soderberg. 

Dr. Sanger holds a Ph.D. in Politics (International Affairs) from the University of Virginia and did her undergraduate work at Wellesley College and the London School of Economics.  

CV for Catherine Shea Sanger 2018